Centrepoint Plumbing was founded by Michael O’Donoghue with the aim to provide a reliable and personalised plumbing service to commercial and residential customers alike.

Driven to provide a reliable and superior service, Michael and his team take the upmost care and pride in their work, ensuring that tasks are completed on-time and are professionally presented. Michael is a motivated and hardworking individual who, during his aprentiship, was awarded the 2008 Merve Harris Memorial Buresary for excellence within and dedication to his trade.

Now employing apprentices and staff of his own, Michael instils in them the same enthusiasm and drive to succeed that he applies to every task. Michael’s aim is to grow Centrepoint Plumbing to become the premier plumbing service in the Brisbane area, with a reliable, professional reputation for plumbing excellence.

The word "plumber" dates from the Roman Empire. In Roman times lead was known as plumbum in Latin which is why the periodic table of the elements uses the symbol of 'Pb' for lead. Roman roofs used lead in conduits and drain pipes and some were also covered with lead, lead was also used for piping and for making baths.